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Thank you for visiting the archive of publications created by the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union, SUSK! Since the 1960’s, SUSK has been creating different newspapers and students across the world have had their articles published in issues of the best known publication, Student/Студент. There have also been other publications including Studenetz, Чутки, Майже Студент, and SUSK Новини. All of these publications can be found on this website.

Did you know you can search each all of the PDF’s on this website?
That’s right! All of the PDF’s on this website are equipped with OCR meaning you can search through them when looking for something special in an article.

We want to thank the past few executives who have worked to have all of this digitalized, along with all of the SUSK executives that have made sure all these publications are created and distributed. We also want to thank the many, many, MANY students have worked on writing articles for all of these publications throughout the years. Without you, we wouldn’t have such a wonderful collection of articles from the past 50 years.

We hope you enjoy this collection of publications from SUSK as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Yours truly,

SUSK Executive

Student Poster

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